1 Teepee x 2 kids, mattress and sheet, blanket,  pillow, breakfast table, lantern, rug, garlands

Teepee size 120 x 120 x 160cm

Matress size 188 x 71cm



All items listed in each theme standard package. including delivery, collection, assembly, styling and general laundering.

All the covers, sheets, blankets and pillow cases are laundered after each hire using sensitive washing liquid. Teepee and decorative items are always disinfected.



$200/ Party x 4
$280/Party x 6

$340/Party x 8
$390/Party x 10
$50 /Additional Child



Created especially for a superhero straight from the depths of the ocean, we had to name this one Aqua-man! This theme works well for teens as well as youths that love fishing, sailing, aquatic life, swimming and all things that come from the sea.


Diva Divine

Girls who live to wear their mom's highest heels and dream of wearing bright pink lipstick will be delighted with this theme! With the hottest pink, black and silver accents, your mini diva will be in heaven with this divine theme! It is for every girl with a passion for fashion!


Once Upon a Time

This is for the girl who searches the garden for fairies, the girl who loves all things that start with "once upon a time". With soft pastels befitting a great princess, light pinks, greens and white intertwined with the golden stardust of dreams, she will feel as if she has wandered into her own fairy-tale.


Oh Canada!

What could be more Canadian than hockey and flannel, eh? This theme is based on the country's love of hockey, warm nights camping in cozy flannel and having a great time with your friends. It is perfect for your hockey fan.


The Free Spirit

Does she go where the wind will blow her? Does she seek adventure and cannot wait t discover new wonders? This theme is centered around the free spirit child. It is a whimsical and eclectic theme with tribal prints, colorful and tastefully done in the boho chic style.


Unicorn Dreams

This theme is for the girl that dreams in bright colours complete with glitter and being carried away on the back of a magical unicorn. We use bright shades to bring a rainbow right into your own home, and pair it with cheerful pops of glitter and unicorns. With the individual style, each child will have their own teepee.`


Yellow Submarine

This is such a happy, fun combination, we can't help but sing The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine", when setting it up. The upbeat sunny yellow plays nicely against the soft greys for a relaxed, positive vibe.


Pretty in….

Looking for a particular color or theme? purple and white, red and yellow, pink and lavender? Please ask we will be more than happy to assist you.